REALITY TV is my response to a time of sensory overload. Full Project Statement HERE

 I began REALITY TV in 2008, a time when digital content and information was just beginning to be created and distributed in tsunami like waves. While this has only increased since that time, I had not yet become conditioned to its assaults. The volume of data I was exposed to daily had become unbearable. REALITY TV began as my response to this nerve wrecking time.

Focusing my attention on television broadcasts and its constant beam, I photographed the light being emitted as it fell upon the white walls of the room where it was being viewed. Each composite photograph represents a television program. The assembled images of saturated color vibrate against each other creating their own visual sensation. They form a strip of colored data resembling pixilated information; transforming the data it was created from.

In REALITY TV 2009, I assemble 12 selected images and arrange them to maintain the aspect ratio of a wide screen television. In REALITY TV 2010, I photograph the entire program and assemble each image in a platform that reflects the length of the broadcast.

ABC Wife Swap March 6 2009 (2009)
Bravo Top Chef February 11 2009 (2009)
HSB Electronic Gifts & Gadgets March 4 2009 (2009)
MSNBC Rachel Maddow Show January 9 2009 (2009)
NBC Deal or No Deal January 9 2009 (2009)
Fox American Idol February 24 2009 (2009)
TWC Local Forecast March 12 2009 (2009)
ESPN Pirates vs Cardinals 5-2 May 13 2009 (2009)
CNN Inauguration of President Obama January 20 2009 (2009)
THC The Universe June 30 2009 (2009)
C-Span Sotomayor Confirmation Hearing July 13 2009 (2009)
E! Michael Jackson Memorial July 7 2009 (2009)