In this project, 20th Century Plastics, I photograph large format film transparencies that were destroyed while poorly stored in my garage. These images were originally created on 8x10 and 4x5 film for various clients during my career as a commercial food photographer. As forces of nature and time overpower the medium’s fragile materials the photographs dissolve and morph into abstract forms. The vibrant dyes once fixed in plastic are left to freely commingle, leaving behind formless stains of their own matter. The plastic sleeves once used to protect them, take on the traces and imprints of the content they once held. As we stand witness to the gradual disappearance of these materials from use and production it is not difficult to acknowledge the mutable and ephemeral nature of all things. Embedded in our expectations of the medium is its ability to halt time, to disrupt change. The ghostly surfaces of these decayed relics of the medium’s past evoke the erasure of the images they once held and the means, materials and methods of their origins. In photographing these objects, I explore the gap between abstract and representational depiction.

My work investigates the medium of photography itself and the interplay between image, materials and its means of production. I seek to make visible photography’s particular conditions of representation and the instability of meaning in any representation.