Residual Ink Drawings plays with reclaimed ink from the inkjet printing process to point out one of the most basic premises of photography, that its primary function is to generate a representation of something.

I begin my process by collecting empty ink cartridges from various professional and consumer inkjet printers and then pour, stamp, rub or roll the unused ink directly onto photo rag paper, allowing the materials to take the lead in the forms they create. These unique drawings are then digitally reproduced (scanned and printed via an inkjet printer) and displayed side by side setting up the tension between the two realities, the actual and the artifice. The materiality and appearance of the two prints are similar yet one is generated by chance directly from materials, the other is a photographic clone translated through digital data. One IS something while the other is a representation OF something. Aspects of randomness and control are layered with concepts of process and materiality. As the inkblot pictures take on the characteristics of a Rorschach test, they point to the subjective interpretation of all representation. I adhere to a system determined in part by myself, and in part by the manufacturer of the printer. Many of the used ink cartridges are gifted to me by fellow artists, bringing a communal aspect to the work.

Photography is inherently a distancing tool, placing distance between the viewer and its subject. A photograph offers and preserves appearances and exists independently from what it represents. In Residual Ink Drawings, I am making photographic copies of photographic printmaking materials. The copy is never perfect and when placed beside its original twin, the slippage becomes apparent. I invite the viewer to carefully examine the difference between the sensibility of touch and that which is derived from pixels and codes. The absence of an immediate referent requires a different way of looking. The impulse to reproduce and render has been employed by artists throughout the ages and is a primitive or primal act despite our technologies and ideas.