These booklets are a byproduct from my main project, Residual Ink Drawings, and act as an appendage to that work.

Before I begin to work on my ink drawings I spread newsprint out on my work surface for easy clean up and protection. The process of spilling the inks to make my drawings creates its own aftermath of unintentional mishaps. As I replaced each stained sheet of paper with a fresh one I could not help but examine them on their own merits. Of course, I did not just throw these sheets away but instead placed them to the side as I proceeded to work. As they accumulated I responded to their active beauty and began to imagine them as works of their own.

I decided to digitally reproduced them (scan and print) making double sided 11”x 17” inkjet prints. As they were created quite randomly I felt that their display and order should also be random. I chose to fold the prints into a small booklet allowing each spread to be created by chance. I do not bound the book to allow the reader the ability to dismantle and reconstruct as they please. While they are descendants of my main project, I feel they are uniquely their own.

Each 32 page booklet is an open edition and is made of 8 11”x 17” folded double sided prints on Red River 32lb. Premium Matte Paper.