An afterimage is an image that belongs to the eye, a temporary ghost image, burned in the retina as an optical illusion. It represents what has already been seen.

In this series, I photograph still images of a projection of running vintage 8mm film. Recorded using long exposures, the projected images build up as burned out light forms as they spill beyond their frame. This project expands upon my interests in the relationship between light and photographic representation. Printed small in scale using nontraditional materials (transparent film layered over silver chrome paper) I present a humble, unheroic abstraction. 

The video After Image mixes sounds and imagery in a way that seems familiar but is put together in an unfamiliar way. One is left with the sense of not being totally sure what one is looking at. The footage is edited in a manner that sets up for an anticipated but absent narration; toying with audience anticipation. 

In this series, I reduce the referent to the photographic materials, its light-capturing properties and the light that mediates how we view and experience photographic imagery. I suspend the need to reproduce anything other than the idea of a photographic image, challenging the notion that a photograph needs to be descriptive in nature. I invite the viewer to suspend a desire for resolution in favor of an unfolding range of associations and speculations; shifting the attention from what is represented to the process and the medium itself.